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Monday, May 5
Persistence featured in the Towson Times/Baltimore Sun

“Ned Balbo, an associate professor of writing at Loyola University and resident of Rodgers Forge, reviewed Kolakowski’s work and agrees.

“I think it’s essential to preserve the lives of ordinary people whose voices often go unheard and whose experiences don’t always make it into poetry,” Balbo said. “It’s even more important when a whole community is wiped away and its shared memory resides only with those few who survive to tell its stories. Persistence is not just a book of poetry but a way to give a lasting voice to the lost — and to an important part of Maryland’s history.”

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Friday, April 11

Persistence featured in “What We’re Reading” on Tin House’s blog, The Open Bar

Based on newspaper clippings, photographs, anecdotes, and her own imaginings of the folks of Warren, Maryland, Kolakowski weaves Warren back together, single-handedly, fascinatingly, restoring the image of the town her grandmother called home as a girl.”


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